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          • 12名生气妇女下跌2018
          • 谋杀在尼罗河 - 冬季2018
          • 坏种子 -  2017年下降
          • 砷和旧花边 - 冬季2016
          • 莎士比亚全集 - 冬季2016
          • 安妮·弗兰克的日记 - 2015年下降
          • 捕鼠器 - 2015年冬季
          • 谁来吃饭的男人 - 2014年秋天
          • 奇夫妇 - 2013年的秋天


          " data-date="6/11/2020" data-detailurl="/page/news-detail--photo-carousel?pk=1113848&fromId=203569" data-long="" data-title="Tune In and Support Grier Performing Arts!"> " data-title="Tune In and Support Grier Performing Arts!">

          Tune In and Support Grier Performing Arts!

          The Altoona Community Theatre's (ACT) Annual Isaac Awards are going virtual in 2020! Participating high schools, including Grier, submitted videos as a way to celebrate their unrealized spring productions. Grier’s 音乐 Department had planned to perform 詹姆斯和大桃子 4月下旬,但由于冠状病毒,澳门金沙城中心没能完成生产。幸运的是,澳门金沙城中心拍摄视频的早期舞曲实践。
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        • The Verdict is In: Grier's Adaptation of a Stage Classic is Great!

          Grier presented the play 12名生气妇女 on Tuesday, November 27th at 3:30pm in the Auditorium under the direction of drama teacher Mrs. Kim Silverman.The play was an adaptation of the 1957 courtroom drama 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose and featured a cast of twelve Grier students who auditioned for their roles.The play was originally scheduled for a two-day run on Thursday, November 15th at 7:00pm and on Friday, November 16th at 1:00pm but winter weather disrupted the plan. The cast and crew really rallied to execute a great production even with a week's delay. Well done!
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        • Actors Prepare for Fall Play

          Grier actors have been preparing for this year's Fall Play: 12名生气妇女. The play is an adaptation of the 1957 courtroom drama 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose. Grier is presenting this play on Thursday, November 15th at 7:00pm and on Friday, November 16th at 1:00pm in the Auditorium. Come see for yourself exactly what these jurors are so angry about!
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        • Practicing Stage Make-up Techniques in Acting Class

          Students in acting classes use lab days to practice stage make-up techniques in Mrs. Silverman's classroom. In this unique space, students experience what it is like to be back-stage in a dressing room. When the actors rehearse and perform, they use the Grier Auditorium stage. Grier offers three acting courses that include Introduction to Acting I, Acting II, and Acting for the Camera.

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        • Intro to Acting Tours Historic Theatre

          Students in Grier’s Intro to Acting class toured the historic Rowland Theatre in nearby Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, to learn more about the role of theaters in American culture and how entertainment on the stage and silver screen have changed over time.
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        • Grier Thespians Perform an Agatha Christie Murder Mystery!

          Grier actors entertained audiences for a two-night run of the murder mystery play Muder on the Nile. The play is based on British mystery writer Agatha Christie's 1937 novel Death on the Nile. In the play, newlyweds Kay and Simon are enjoying their idyllic honeymoon aboard a ship on the Nile River when their bliss is interrupted by a brutal murder. All passengers aboard have plausible motive to kill, but who did?

          The set, designed to look like a luxury Egyptian cruiseliner, the glittering costumes, sound and lights, and of course, the acting delivered the high-tension muder mystery to the Grier audience.
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        • Grier's "坏种子" is a Good Apple!

          Audiences enjoyed Grier School's production of The 坏种子, a chilling story of a seemingly perfect little girl in a small Southern town. The acclaimed play was written in 1954 by Maxwell Anderson, based on a novel by William March and was adapted into an Academy Award-nominated film.
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        • Grace W. Competes in Shakespeare Contest

          In January, Grier hosted a school-wide Shakespeare Competition for students grades 9-12. On February 18th, our school winner, junior Grace W., competed against winners from other Central Pennsylvania Schools at Lock Haven University. Grace performed a sonnet and Lady McBeth's monologue.
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        • Dark Comedy Arsenic & Old Lace Brings Laughs

          Audiences enjoyed Grier School's production of 砷和旧花边, a classic dark comedic play about the murderous lifestyle of the insane Brewster family. The play was written by John Kettering and was made famous by the 1944 film adaptation starring Cary Grant.
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        • Students deliver a moving performance of 安妮·弗兰克的日记

          Students performed the play titled "安妮·弗兰克的日记" in Grier's Auditorium on Thursday evening, November 19th and Friday afternoon, November 20th. The play was directed by the head of the Drama Department, Kim Silverman.
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