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          • Photo of 乔斯林 hrzic

            乔斯林 hrzic 

          • Photo of 丹妮尔 亭子

            丹妮尔 亭子 

          • Photo of emmalee hallinan

            emmalee hallinan 



          • 8000平方英尺的丑角马利弹性地板
          • 275个座位的剧场
          • 隔音室(二,与相邻建筑的三分之一)
          • 专业级的灯光和音响系统


          • 芭蕾舞
          • 足尖
          • 现代
          • 爵士乐
          • 现代的
          • 嘻哈(音乐
          • 龙头
          • 音乐剧院
          • 灵活性和力量建设


          • 父母的周末
          • 冬季
          • 弹簧
          • 毕业
          " data-date="2019年11月13日" data-detailurl="/page/news-detail--photo-carousel?pk=1055208&fromId=203550" data-long="" data-title="Parents Weekend 2019 舞蹈 Performance Video Available"> " data-title="Parents Weekend 2019 舞蹈 Performance Video Available">

          Parents Weekend 2019 舞蹈 Performance Video Available

          The full-length video recording of Grier's 2019 Parents Weekend 舞蹈 Performance is now available on Grier's Vimeo channel. Click the link below to watch the video at full resolution or to download a copy for yourself. Much thanks to Grier AV teacher Mr. Bryan Beckel and his class of student editors for their recording 和 editing efforts! 该y did an amazing job!

        • Guest Artist, Choreographer Visit

          Grier students were lucky to have two esteemed guests visit the school recently. Artist and educator, Kara Priest traveled from her Boulder, Colorado, residence to visit Grier art classes for a workshop in portraiture. Meanwhile, the Assistant Artistic Director and Dancer for the Philadelphia-based Koresh 舞蹈 Company, Melissa Rector, visited Grier to provide direction and choreography to a Grier dancers. 该se guests bring their unique perspectives, expertise, 和 insight to Grier students while also enabling students to form connections with professionals in the field.
        • 舞蹈 Performance for Parents' Weekend

          Grier 舞蹈s of all levels performed for their parents and other family members in the 父母的周末 Performance. The show included thirteen pieces in a variety of dance styles, with choreography by Grier’s dance instructors 乔斯林 hrzic, emmalee hallinan, and 丹妮尔 亭子, as well as, by guest instructors Micah Geyer, Darrell Grand Moultrie, Jason McDole, 和 Robin Passmore.  该 71 Grier dancers gave fantastic performances!
        • GMU Auditions 和 Micah Geyer Master 类

          Grier Dancers had a week of special guests, including a guest artist from the Koresh Dance Company 和 the Director of the School of 舞蹈 from George Mason University. 

          Students of Joci hrzic spent the majority of the week in master classes instructed by Micah Geyer of the Koresh 舞蹈 Company. Students in 丹妮尔 亭子’s classes also worked with Geyer. Meanwhile, Grier dancers auditioned before Susan Shields of George Mason University.
        • Grier 舞蹈教练 Receives Five Star Review!

          Grier Dance instructor emmalee Hallanan spent her summer as a scholarship recipient dancing with the American 舞蹈 Festival. After dancing a famous piece titled Espl和e choreographed by the legendary Paul Taylor, she received a glowing review for her performance!
        • Following dinner the evening before Grier's Commencement Ceremony, parents and families gathered in Grier's Dance Building for an evening of performances. Mrs. Barbara Neumuller, Grier's retiring 音乐 Department Chair, opened the show by conducting her last concert at Grier. Next, Grier's choirs performed, with some of the senior singers performing solos. 该 舞蹈 Department closed out the night with several performances featuring Grier's 学前教育专业的舞蹈rs 和 senior dancer solos.
        • " data-date="5/31/2019" data-detailurl="/page/news-detail--photo-carousel?pk=1025786&fromId=203550" data-long="" data-title="Senior 音乐ians, 舞蹈rs Perform"> " data-title="Senior 音乐ians, 舞蹈rs Perform"> 毕业 音乐 和 舞蹈 演出. Photo credit: Manning Photography

          Senior 音乐ians, 舞蹈rs Perform

          Following dinner the evening before Grier's Commencement Ceremony, parents and families gathered in Grier's Dance Building for an evening of performances. Mrs. Barbara Neumuller, Grier's retiring 音乐 Department Chair, opened the show by conducting her last concert at Grier. Next, Grier's choirs performed, with some of the senior singers performing solos. 该 舞蹈 Department closed out the night with several performances featuring Grier's 学前教育专业的舞蹈rs 和 senior dancer solos. 
        • Grier Receives 9 Nominations, 4 Wins at ISAAC Awards!

          Grier is pleased to report that Tuck Everlasting took home three wins the Altoona Community Theatre's (ACT) 14th Annual Isaacs Awards. 该 awards recognize excellence in high school musical theatre. For the spring musical Tuck Everlasting, Grier received nine nominations across seven different categories and received wins for Best Featured 舞蹈, Best Actor or Actress in a Leading Role, Best Actor or Actress in a Supporting Role, 和 Achievement in Choreography.
        • " data-date="4/30/2019" data-detailurl="/page/news-detail--photo-carousel?pk=1019823&fromId=203550" data-long="" data-title="Incredible Grier Talent Executes Fantastic 音乐al Production!">

          Incredible Grier Talent Executes Fantastic 音乐al Production!

          Grier presented a fantastic two-night run of Tuck Everlasting: the 音乐al. 该 show included a talented cast, numerous dancers, live orchestra, and fabulous costumes 和 sets. Based on the classic children's novel, Tuck Everlasting is the story of eleven-year-old Winnie Foster who wishes for adventure, but gets more than she anticipates when she meets the Tuck Family 和 learns of the magic of their never-ending youth.  该 musical asks the question, "What would you do if you had all eternity?"
        • Dancers Impress With 弹簧 舞蹈 Performance

          On Friday, April 5th, the Grier community gathered to watch Grier dancers in their 弹簧 演出.该 show was a stunnning exhibit of twenty-two pieces reflecting the variety of dance styles taught at Grier. 舞蹈rs of all abilities participated in hip-hop, jazz, ballet, modern, contemporary, and tap. Several numbers featured choreography developed by guest instructors and choreographers like Melissa Rector, Mike Esperanza, Kiesha Lalama, Jason McDole, Joshua Manchulich, and Rob Priore, along with our Grier dance instructors 乔斯林 hrzic, 丹妮尔 亭子, and emmalee hallinan, 和 the Pre-Professional class. 

          舞蹈 Director Joci hrzic opened the performance with special words of praise for her dancers, especially how they were able to step up and fill in when key pre-professional dancer Alexa sprained her ankle just days earlier. Although certainly disappointed at not being able to dance in the 弹簧 show, Alexa offered support and encouragement to her fellow dancers. We look forward to seeing Alexa 和 the other senior dancers perform again for graduation in May.
        • Spotlight on 舞蹈: 客人艺术家


          Throughout the year, guest artists join Grier's faculty to provide opportunities for dancers to work with internationally renowned teachers, dancers, and choreographers. Guests to our Performing Arts Center teach master classes, which are open to students at all levels. Guest master teachers educate dancers in various forms and expose Grier students to the eclectic repertoires found in dance companies today. Each year, guest artists-in-residence work with groups of dancers over extended stays to teach, set choreography, 和 develop professional relationships that extend beyond Grier's campus.

        • 舞蹈rs Work with Marymount Choreographer

          Last week, a choreographer visited Grier 和 spent time working with Grier's 学前教育专业的舞蹈rs. 该 guest, Nancy Lushington, is an Associate Professor of 舞蹈 at Marymount Manhattan College in New York. While at Grier, she shared her talents with the Grier dancers while doing a bit of scouting for Marymount. 
        • 冬季 舞蹈 Wows

          On Friday, November 30th, Grier 舞蹈rs performed before an audience of Grier teachers, students, friends, and families. 该 show was a culmination of the semester and featured twenty-one numbers with Grier dancers of every level. Grier’s dance faculty members, 乔斯林 hrzic, 丹妮尔 亭子, and emmalee hallinan choreographed many pieces, but the line-up also included songs with choreography by guest instructors Peter Chu, Darrell Grand Moultrie, Melissa Rector, 和 Mike Esperanza.
        • Grier Gala 2018

          该 2018 Gala took place at the Grier School from November 5th through November 11th. It included a Student Showcase the evening of Friday, November 9th, with opening number “This Time” choreographed by Mike Esperanaza. 该 showcase featured nine performances by Grier 舞蹈 along with other participating dancers 和 dance schools.
        • 舞蹈 演出 from Parents' Weekend

          Grier Dancers put on a spectacular showcase just for Parents' Weekend. 舞蹈rs from all levels and styles of dance performed before an audience of peers, family members, and faculty members on Saturday evening. 该 dancers' handwork was evident as they performed their numbers with precision and grace. Following Parents' Weekend, Grier dancers are eagerly anticipating the Grier Gala, which will take place in November and feature a week-long Master Class 和 weekend workshop culminating in two nights of performances.
        • 13
        • . Grier has more performances in store for Parents' Weekend!" data-date="10/10/2018" data-detailurl="/page/news-detail--photo-carousel?pk=976706&fromId=203550" data-long="" data-title="舞蹈rs 和 音乐ians Delight the Board "> . Grier has more performances in store for Parents' Weekend!" data-title="舞蹈rs 和 音乐ians Delight the Board "> Grier's orchestra performs for the 受托人董事会.

          舞蹈rs 和 音乐ians Delight the Board

          Grier dancers, musicians, and vocalists gave special performances for the visiting members of Grier's 受托人董事会 who were on Grier campus for their fall meeting. Visiting board members watched Grier's Pre-Professional dancers perform a two-part piece choreographed by guest artist Melissa Rector. The dancers had only begun working on the piece on Monday, so to perform it so beautifully was a feat that wowed everyone. Elements of the choreography included an interpretive spelling of their own names by the dancers, which they demonstrated to the trustees. The guests then proceeded to the Instrumental 音乐 building to listen to two pieces by the orchestra, including one that included elements found in Western film soundtracks. 该 performances concluded with vocalists from select choir performing Kyrie and a group of 音乐剧院 performers perfomring "Br和 New You" from the musical 13. Grier has more performances in store for Parents' Weekend!
        • Grier Gala Returns for 2018

          Grier is thrilled to announce the return of the Grier 舞蹈 Gala for the 2018. 该 annual event teams dance students and professional dancers and instructors for a week-long program that includes performances, workshops, college auditions, 和 scholarships. This year’s Gala takes place at the Grier School from November 5th through November 11th. It is an amazing opportunity for young students of dance to work with masters.
        • 舞蹈rs Perform in Koresh Artist Showcase

          In addition to the regular performances in Grier's own Dance Building, Grier 舞蹈rs have opportunities to participate in showcases and competitions in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, 和 New York. 该 Koresh Artist Showcase was one of these events that allowed our dancers the opportunity to perform onstage with over a dozen other dance companies.
        • 毕业 Celebration Begins

          该 Friday night before Grier’s Commencement Ceremony, seniors, their families, junior servers, and Grier faculty gathered for an evening of dinner, performances, and Candlelight Ceremony in the Courtyard. During the dinner, held inside Grier’s gymnasium, Annie G., Linnea K., Linden M., Nora V., and Flora W., members of Grier’s National Honor Society, gave speeches reflecting their personal experiences at Grier and offering inspiration to their classmates for the future ahead. Senior musicians and dancers performed in the 舞蹈 Building. Here, too, NHS members Karyna C., Iris H., Sara H., Katie M., and Lillian Z. gave their commencement speeches. Finally, the group of seniors and their junior servers gathered in a circle in the Courtyard for a special tradition: the C和lelight Ceremony.
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