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        • Spring Break in Europe

          Twenty-nine Grier girls accompanied five Grier teachers on a spring break trip of a lifetime. The group traveled to Europe where they spent time in London, Paris, southern France, Barcelona, and Madrid and the surrounding areas of Spain. French teacher Madame Pope and Spanish teacher Señorita Leen designed the tour to provide students with ample opportunities to experience the art, culture, music, food, and languages of France and Spain. While in Paris, France, the group was able to catch up with Grier alumna Tess M.'18 who is studying at 科学 Po in Rennes, France. During the group's last day in Spain, four Grier girls had 日e opportunity to learn some flamenco dance steps from a professional. 

          The adventure abroad was quite a whirlwind and though they enjoyed their time abroad, the girls were enthusiastic to return to Grier for the last leg of 日e school year. What lucky girls!
        • 3rd Annual International Day Brings Global Awareness to Grier

          After weeks of planning and preparation, the whole school united for an amazing celebration of global awareness. Grier’s 3rd Annual International Day featured fourteen different student groups, representing the nationalities among Grier’s student body. Every group was responsible for serving a dish, decorating 日eir tables, wearing costumes, and giving a performance.
        • Saturday Fun wi日 Hypnotist and Beach 舞蹈

          Grier Seniors organized an evening of fun beginning with a guest hypnotist and wrapping up with a Beach-themed dance party in the gym. The hypnotist c所有ed volunteers on stage where he successfully hypnotized several Grier girls, much to the enjoyment of the audience of peers. After this hilarious show, many of the girls enjoyed dancing to 日e DJ's music while sipping on some tropical punch.
        • Virtual Guest Speaks to Grier Students about Gender Equity in Higher Ed

          Tuesday, a graduate student Shannon DeHoff from Penn State University joined Grier via Skype video chat to describe her work with the University Park campus’s Gender Equity Center. Librarian Mrs. Woolfrey arranged for this presentation in conjunction with 日e schoolwide read I Am Malala by equal education activist Malala Yousafzai. The presenter addressed the biggest obstacles to higher education access for women in the United States today. Among the students who attended the program, many were members of the Grier Bridge club, which seeks to promote the welfare of girls and women worldwide. The Grier students in attendance engaged with the speaker, asking questions about her role and the ch所有enges facing women on college campuses. After the presentation concluded, the students continued to discuss how they might apply some of 日e Gender Equity Center’s advocacy and education strategies to prepare Grier students for college life.
        • A Warm After School Treat

          On Presidents’ Day, Grier 餐饮服务 surprised the students with a treat of hot chocolate for their after school snack. Students lined up in droves to get a mug full of 日e steaming rich chocolaty goodness. What a great way to brighten up a chilly winter Monday!
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