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          Welcome and thank you for your interest in Grier School. In my time as an educator and admissions professional at Grier, I have developed a deep love for this community and a respect for its dedication to Sana Mens in Corpore Sano, or Sound Minds in Sound Bodies. My commitment to building upon that community each year grows out of the all-girls environment, which empowers students to take risks and find their voices, and out of the diversity in backgrounds, interests, and abilities within our student body.

          At Grier, girls become emboldened, engaged, and poised for the future. Lemuel Grier, the first in our founding family, conveyed this sentiment best: “Our aim is not to stuff the mind with undigested knowledge from the Text Book, but to train its powers, so that the student may be able to think for herself.” Moreover, our students develop the confidence to move forward in their lives while maintaining lasting ties to the friendships and memories made at Grier. I encourage you to learn more about Grier and your place in our community through the website and our literature.

          It is my privilege and pleasure to share Grier with you, and we all welcome you to visit campus, where you will see our small classes, passionate teachers, and hands-on experiences that engage students and immerse them in a culture of achievement. You will also have the chance to explore our Signature Programs in Art, Dance, Music, and Riding and, by doing so, gain an appreciation for the breadth and depth of our programs. So please, plan a visit; we’d love to have you.


          Jennifer Neely
          Director of Enrollment

          Meet the Admissions Team

          List of 4 members.

          • Photo of Jennifer Neely

            Jennifer Neely 

            Director of Enrollment
          • Photo of Andrew Grier

            Andrew Grier 

            Assistant Director
          • Photo of Katharine Kingera

            Katharine Kingera 

            Associate Director of Enrollment
          • Photo of Wendy Warner

            Wendy Warner 

            Chinese Student Advisor
            International Admissions
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